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About H&K


Operating since 2008, H&K Hospitality is a hotel and resort management company. We have continued to be a pioneer in Vietnam’s hospitality scene, well-known for our critical understanding, strategic perspective, and iconic professionalism.

H&K has gained exceptional prestige in defining the hotel product over the years. We offer well-rounded services that investors need to maximize the revenue potential of their properties and position them at the most profitable end of the scale, all while upholding our core values.


We have developed an in-depth understanding of market dynamics and our customers’ needs. This enables us to provide personalized hospitality management services and offer tailored product consultations that best align with each project’s requirements.


Through our efficient operation and hands-on management, we are able to generate clear value for hotel owners: increasing GOP, maximizing overall performance and owners’ ROI, setting up SOP, assuring stable customer resources, and discovering untapped revenue potentials of the asset.


Our credibility is assessed not only by our ability to consistently meet our commitments and exceed expectations but also by the profitable values we provide to hotel owners while offering our guests unique travel experiences.

Why Us?

H&K Hospitality is a full-service hotel management company and consulting firm determined to attribute a positive social and economic impact to the community. The inevitable of establishing H&K Hospitality Company were highly needed based on the essential demands of the hotel market.

Operating since 2008, H&K is one of the fastest and most sustainable growing hospitality management company in Vietnam with an ever-expending portfolio of hotels, resorts, apartments and cruises stretching over the country.

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