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A Weekend Getaway in An Bang Beach Hoi An

Hoi An is worth visiting not only for its Ancient Town recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO but also for the underrated An Bang beach, which is one of the few left in Vietnam that has not been exploited by the overgrowing beach tourism.

In any outdated travel guide book for Vietnam, it would have been Cua Dai beach that would make it to the must-go beach in Hoi An, but unfortunately as it may go, the erosion was as serious as it had swept away all of its neighbouring despite all of the local’s efforts to save it. Henceforth, both tourists and locals were left to seek out for the last beach in Hoi An: An Bang.

About 3 km from Hoi An ancient town, just past the bucolic Tra Que village, lies the idyllic An Bang beach. It was not until travel site CNNGo listed it among top 100 beaches on earth in 2011 that tourists discovered this heaven-like getaway, only to make it in top 25 of Traveler’s Choice Awards last year.

Although tourists’ have been flocking to the Hoi An’s now only beach, it still remains serene, clean and quite rustic compared to most of other Vietnam’s overcrowding beaches in well-known destinations. A relatively unspoiled 4km sandy white shoreline stretches out though the seascape with the rugged outline of Cham Islands being the only disruption between the boundary of the sea and the sky. The calm clear water is saved from environment pollution and coral damage, the waves are small unless it is wet season when storms are frequent and regularly seen in tropical countries. However, those big waves also mean that surfers can have some fun, otherwise; An Bang is praised more as a gentle beach ideal for relaxing and chilling beach activities rather than extreme sports.

It is recommended to visit An Bang beach at dry season lasting from March to September when the weather is in the best state, the sun is blistering and the breezes are pleasantly impassive without humidity in each blow. An Bang beach’s temperature can soar a little higher than average in summer falls between May and August, but it is during these months that you will find the best time to sunbath under the uninterrupted sunshine, to chill under the shades of umbrellas while sipping on some tropical cocktails or to dip in the cool placid water. Watching sunset over the ocean or having family barbeques are some of the best things you can enjoy at An Bang.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars in An Bang Beach to treat your hunger or thirst after a day of swimming, from proper dining venues to local small eateries, just name your order and they will serve you right on spot at the beach or your bungalow. Another perks of it is the inclusive all-day rental of comfortable and clean sun-loungers, either with or without a parasol up to your choice, at a very strikingly low cost nonetheless.

Only 30-minute drive away from the beach, Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort & Spa offers complimentary shuttle bus daily to An Bang beach providing the most convenient and quickest way to get a good dose of Vitamin Sea!